The Trick To Achieving Any Goal And Becoming Successful

We all want to be successful. Without a doubt, hard work is needed to achieve your goals. The main obstacle that keeps most people from achieving their goals in life is a lack of motivation. It is easy to stay motivated for a few days when starting a new project, or even several weeks. However, big goals in life usually take months, or often years to complete.

We are about to reveal the trick to achieving any goal. This simple method works for anything, including weight loss goals, getting a degree, fitness goals, business achievements, etc. Further, the method has been proven to work by top researchers at places like Harvard University.

Micro Rewards

The secret is simple. Micro rewards. It is the same method pet trainers use to teach a dog how to do a new trick. When the pet does something close to the reward, we give them a small treat. This rewards the brain and motivates the pet to keep doing the same positive action. For example, if you want a dog to give you its paw on command, you give a small treat whenever they do it. However, at first they may get a reward just for moving their paw slightly. As thing progress, they will eventually only be rewarded when they shake their paw and achieve the goal.

Humans are no different. The key is to break the task up to smaller items and give yourself a reward whenever you do it. For example, suppose you have a goal to lose 20 pounds. You would first set a small micro goal, such as losing 1 pound. When you meet this goal, give yourself a reward. The reward could be watching a movie you wanted to see, dining out, or eating one of your favorite snacks. The rewards don’t have to be elaborate, but you must be consistent and always given them to yourself. This trains the brain to want to continue to lose weight.

Each “treat” you give yourself generates special brain chemicals (dopamine) that motivates you to keep going. It is very powerful and causes addictions when the goal is a negative one, like taking drugs. Of course, you will be making your “addiction” a positive goal, such as losing weight, staying fit, or getting a degree.

You now know one of the most valuable secrets to achieving success in life. Dream big, but break things up into small tasks with plenty of micro rewards to keep you motivated.