The Trick To Getting Rid Of The Blues

From time to time we all experience  feeling blue. It could be on a Monday morning, the beginning of a work week but it doesn’t have to be at any particular time or event. It happens to the rich as well as the poor. The blues do not respect gender or education. The one good thing about them is that with properly directed effort  you can get rid of them.

One of the ways to chase the blues away is to use the first three steps of a typical twelve step program such as emotions anonymous.

Step 1… We admit that we are truly powerless over the problem of the blues controlling our attitude and feelings.

Step 2…Since we are powerless over the problem,  we realize  that help would have to come from a power greater than ourselves.

Step 3…Make a decision, for today, to turn our life and will  over to the care of God or higher power as  we understand them.

For those who may have some difficulty with concepts of God, the steps work very well with a non-religious understanding of a higher power. The reason turning ones will and life over to a higher power as  you understand it works is because nature provides a mechanism for a person to maintain their best status possible. Another words, if given the chance our mind functions in a life enhancing manner.

There are other approaches to ridding oneself of the blues. Start the day with a nice strong cup of coffee. Loud rhythmic music on the radio is a nice touch. Dress in bright colors. Get some exercise, even a brisk walk will do. Find someone to talk to. Go online and find a free counseling service to talk to about your blues. When everything else fails do something nice for somebody, you will feel better.

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