The Trick To Knowing If You Are Having A Heart Attack

Nobody wants to be the victim of a heart attack. And as a result of this type of thinking it is very easy to be in denial  of the problem when it is actually present. Unlike the dramatic heart attacks we see portrayed on television or in the movies,  most heart attacks start out slowly with little pain and discomfort.

Here are the warning signs that  indicate a heart attack is happening.

  1. Most people experience some chest discomfort that is steady or intermittent. They feel pressure in the center of the chest as if someone is sitting there. It may feel as though the person  sitting there is causing a squeezing sensation  or feelings of pain in the chest.
  2. The discomfort that is present need not be in the chest. It could be located in any part of the upper body, such as the arm, neck, jaw, back, or  even the  stomach.
  3. The person may feel a shortness of breath or trouble catching their breath. This symptom my occur with or without any chest discomfort.
  4. Breaking out in a cold sweat, lightheadedness and sometimes nausea can also be signs of a heart attack.

In the event a person is experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack, it is extremely important to receive proper care as soon as possible. One of the best way to accomplish this is to call 911. They are fully equipped to handle such emergencies. Plus they have the ability to arrive at your location probably faster than you could drive to a hospital. If for some reason it is best for you to go to a hospital, have someone drive you, do not drive yourself.

The 911 operator may instruct you chew an aspirin tablet to help break up clots while waiting for the ambulance. You should always have regular standard aspirin tablets available in your home. Tylenol or other pain relievers won’t work. It must be regular aspirin, like Bayer Aspirin.

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