The Trick To Sleeping Away Wrinkles

There are many ways of avoiding or eliminating wrinkles. They range from surgery to spending a fortune in cosmetic creams. One of the most important contributing  factors is often overlooked. It is how you sleep The position of your face on the pillow thru the many hours of sleep can worsen or even create lines and wrinkles.

If you sleep face down on the pillow there is a tendency to create vertical lines or furrows in the forehead, which sometimes gives the person a stern angry look.

Sleeping with the side of the face on the pillow will deepen the lines and fold extending from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. This sleeping position also contributes to crows feet extending outward from the corner of the eye.

The ideal sleeping position from a wrinkle prevention standpoint is on your back. In this position no part of the face is in contact with the pillow. If sleeping on your back is to uncomfortable, consider using a silk pillow case. This produces less pulling and friction against the skin of the face, the cause of sleep based wrinkles.


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