The Trick To Using Affirmations For Self Help

An affirmation is a statement that is spoken out loud or silently, to accomplish some type of personal change by the person making the affirmation. It can be repeated as often as necessary.  In the case of self help affirmations the person is attempting to make improvements in some aspect of their life such as health, finances, life-style or social activity.

The good thing about affirmations of the self help variety is that they can be very beneficial for the person using them, providing  they understand two factors.

The first factor that should be realized is the success of an affirmation lies in the fact that it influences the person’s subconscious mind helping to bring about the change they are hoping for. One of the functions of the sub conscious is to carry out the wishes of the conscious mind as expressed in the affirmation.

The second and most important factor is that of belief. The belief being referred to is a state of mind that the affirmation being spoken of will absolutely occur.  This is why it is important to choose the affirmation we want to accomplish carefully. Because if we choose an affirmation we cannot believe in, it will not happen.

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