The Trick To Having A Great Day In Naples

Naples Italy

The purpose of this article is to advise you how to have a wonderful unforgettable  day during your stay in Naples. You will find that Naples is the gateway to many historical sites well worth visiting, such as the ruins of Pompeii  and the volcano at Mount Vesuvius.

It is the opinion of our office staff that the most memorable  place to visit associated with Naples is the Island of Capri. It is beautiful, romantic, Italian in every way and fun to be there. It is a full day trip. You start out by being picked up at a hotel in the center of the City and taken to the port. From there you board a hydro foil for a quick trip to Capri.

From the Capri Port you are taken to various towns where you get to walk the narrow boutique lined streets and mix with the locals. There will be time for lunch at a good restaurant. You can shop, sit in the shade, drink wine and even pretend your Italian. This will be a part of Italy that you will never forget. You can make time for the somber churches and Roman ruins another day.


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