The Trick To Getting Big Money In An Accident

When  you have been injured in  an accident  you are entitled to money damages. These include expenses such as medical bills , future bills, loss of wages, as well as compensation for pain and suffering. Most of these type cases settle without going to court. But, even if you do go to court the trick is still the same. The trick to getting the highest dollar amount is to know how  to pick  an   accident attorney.

By  picking  an attorney I am referring to his personality traits, not the size of his firm, or which Law School he graduated. All to often, it is the pleasant, easy going,  “nice guy” who attracts the clients. You tend to select him because he is friendly and it is nice sitting there  in his office. But what you really want is a tough minded, mean, stubborn, miserable s.o.b. fighting on your side to get the maximum settlement.

Unless the insurance company believes your attorney is going to take them to court and wipe up the floor with them, they will not offer a decent settlement. This is why you do not need some nice pleasant Attorney who gets along with everybody including the insurance company. They know that in all probability he will not take them to count or will settle on the courthouse steps.

Unfortunately for his clients Mr. Nice Guy Attorney is often willing to accept a lesser settlement rather than fight and argue . This way he still keeps his title as Nice Guy. Let a tough, stubborn Lawyer handle your case, you will be better off.



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