The Trick To Fixing A Leaking Toilet Tank

We have all experienced that sound of water continuously running after you flush a toilet and the tank tries to refill. Instead of stopping, the tank just keeps refilling as water drains back into your bowl. You may also notice that the water fills the tank very slowly.

In most cases the problem can be easily fixed by just cleaning the stopper. Calcium and other minerals can often grow on the drain which breaks the seal and allows water to keep draining. You should purchase a cleaner that removes things like calcium and lime. A good one is called CLR (Calcium, Lime, & Rust Remover). However, there are many different brands.

Before you clean it turn off the water that feeds into your toilet. It can usually be done by turning or pushing/pulling a knob. Once the water is off, put some of the cleaning solution on a paper towel and rub it around the bottom of the flapper that touches the tank drain. You should also rub it on the drain surface itself. It is a good idea to wear rubber gloves when doing this, since the cleaning solution can be harmful if a lot gets on your skin. Make sure to wash your hands after using it and avoid touching your eyes.

You should next fill the tank with water again, but this time stop when the water is just above the flapper seal. You want to have water over it, but not too much. Put in some extra lime cleaner (1/4 cup is good). Allow the cleaning solution to work by sitting overnight. In the morning you can fill it back up and the toilet tank should no longer be draining once it fills. You should also notice that it fills up a lot faster because the cleaner in the water will remove stuff that was blocking water flow.

If this trick does not work, you may need to buy a replacement flapper. Just do a search online, or use Amazon and look for a toilet flapper valve. They come in different sizes, so get the one that matches your drain pipe size (3 inches and 2 inches are the most common).

You can also put some CLR in your tank once per month to help prevent the problem from happening again. This is especially important if you don’t use your toilet very often or go on vacation.

The Trick To Removing A Standard Bathtub / Shower Drain Stopper

Many people want to replace their bathtub drain stopper with another one. They may also want to remove it and use a simple screen stopper instead which is great for keeping hair from clogging your drain.

In most cases you won’t need any tools to do it. The trick is to first close the drain by turning it by hand, just as if you were going to fill it with water. Next, twist it by hand using the knob until it opens on its own (just like you normally do to open the drain). Carefully turn it with a lifting motion until it moves up. You need to keep it in that exact spot. You now want to keep everything steady and grab the entire drain stopper (wide part). Just keep turning it counter clockwise until it comes off. If it does not work, it may have moved, so repeat everything making sure it is in the slot that allows it to move up and down while you turn it.

This will work for most stoppers, but if you have one that has a screw holding it down, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove it.

The Trick To Avoiding Spousal Arguments

The trick to avoid arguments is primarily useful for husbands and wives but there are many other situations where it can be very helpful.

When people live together there is bound to be a certain amount of friction that occurs. It is to be expected. Each person has their own good and bad habits. Let’s imagine a household where the husband has the habit of leaving his clothes lying around on the floor and the wife is upset with having to constantly pick them up.

One Sunday evening when the wife picks up a dirty sweat shirt to throw into the hamper she verbally attacks her husband. ” Were you raised in a barn leaving your clothes all over the floor? You turned out to be one big slob. ” At this point the husband having been attacked responds with his own attack criticizing  her cooking and anything else he could think of.

What the wife should have said was, “When you leave you clothes on the floor and I have to pick them up it makes me feel like a maid instead of your wife.” She is still discussing the problem of clothes on the floor but there is no personal attack, so the husband does not attack her. This opens up the probability for a reasonable discussion about the clothes.

The idea in back of this trick is to express how the other persons bad conduct hurt your feelings instead of criticizing them for what they have done. This leads to discussion rather than confrontation.

The Trick To Getting A Child To Do Chores

Many parents complain that if they want their child to do something, they have to nag about it over and over again and it still doesn’t get done. Some of the reasons for this is that children are easily distracted, they would rather play and they have previously gotten out of doing the task by ignoring you.

Here is a different approach to the problem. First, explain why the task has to be done. Let’s say you want them to put their toys away. You might say,” Your toys have to be picked up and put away so you will be able to find them and play with them tomorrow. ” You might also use as an explanation, ” Your toys have to be picked up so nobody will trip over them and hurt themselves.”  At this point you might ask the child, ” Will you put them away?” If the task is not done immediately  stop back from time to time and simply say, “Toys.”

Another example might be getting the child to help clear the table after a meal. An explanation might be, ” Food spoils when left on the table and it can make people sick.  So will you bring the dishes in the kitchen?’  If the chore is not done right away, go back from time to time and just say, ” Dishes.”

Always thank the youngster for doing the task. Let them know their work is appreciated.

The Trick To Improving Your Credit Score

Good credit can save you money because it gets you financing at a cheaper rate. It also gives you favorable treatment from banks and credit card companies. For the most part your credit score is based on how promptly you make your payments and not having to great of an outstanding balance owed.Your credit score will be hurt by payment delinquencies and the closing out existing credit cards that you have but do not use.

Be very hesitant about using credit repair companies that charge for their services. They cannot do anything for you the you can’t do for yourself under the Federal Credit Repair Act.

The trick that will help you improve your credit score is this. When you receive your monthly credit card statement  it appears as though you have the option of paying either a minimum amount or the monthly balance. If you normally pay the minimum, pay an amount reasonably over the minimum (10 – 15%). This will accelerate lowering your existing balance and this makes credit card companies very happy. Try it for a few payments and see what the results are credit wise. Eventually the balance has to be paid off anyway.