The Trick To Stopping Robocallers For Good

Are you bothered by robocalls calling you at all hours of the day and night on your mobile phone? Have you tried endless free and paid apps that promise to stop, but never seem to work? Well, we have a simple free solution that is guaranteed to work and stop those pesky robots from calling you when you don’t want them.

There is a setting on almost all mobile phones (Android and iPhone/ iOS) that many people hardly know about or use called Do Not Disturb. This can make a huge difference to remove calls you don’t want.

On an Android phone, go to Settings -> Sounds and vibration -> Do not disturb. If you have an iPhone, use Settings -> Do not disturb. Just search for ‘Do not disturb’ in your settings if you can’t find it. If you just turn it on, all calls will be blocked, which will miss calls you want too. Instead, use the Turn on as scheduled option. You can set the days of the week and time when you want your phone to not make any sounds. For example, you can choose 10pm to 9am, or even 24 hours if you want. If a call comes in during these times, your phone won’t ring, but they can still leave a message. No more 5am robocalls!

Many phones also have custom exceptions. Here you can tell it to still allow calls from people in your contact list so you don’t miss something important late at night. Another custom option is to allow calls when it happens more than once in a certain amount of time, like in the past 15 minutes. If something is really urgent, the caller can still reach you by calling again. However, if robocalls keep calling you many times in a row, you might not want this option. You can also block message alerts using the same method.

We hope this trick will help get rid of of those very annoying robo calls for good.