The Trick To Enjoying Naples At Night

Naples at Night

Nightlife in Naples seems to be divided into three areas. Since there are an abundance of schools and universities within the city there are an abundance of cafes serving strong coffee, wine, beer and a lot of interesting talk about politics and worlds affairs.

When the weather is right along with the cafes, the piazzas are full of people drinking beer, wine and sipping coffee. No self respecting patron shows up before midnight. The people are friendly and easy to talk to.

The second part of Naples’ nightlife is that of an actual nightclubs. Typical within this group is Goodfellas, a cozy bar with musical entertainment ranging from rhythm and blues to jazz. Another such club would be New Around Midnight. This club is known for its jazz.

The third area of night-time activity is in the field of theater type entertainment. There is a historical opera house still giving excellent performances, Theaters’ offering traditional plays and many venues where classical music is offered are literally all over Naples.

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