The Trick To looking Younger Is Bright Colors

Bright Clothing Can Make You Look Younger

The trick to looking younger as we get older is to reevaluate the colors we wear. Wearing boring conservative colors such as white or almost any dark solid color, (black for example) forces the person looking at us to concentrate on our gray hair and facial lines instead of our total image. This is because there is nothing else to hold their attention, such as bright interesting colors.

Keep in mind that somber, conservative dark colored clothes have been traditionally worn by senior citizens. So when they see dark clothes people automatically think “old person”.

This in itself is an excellent reason for changing to bright vivid colors. Youth carries with it the image of bright happy colors. Why not join them and take the accent off being a senior. Step out of your wardrobe comfort zone and try brighter more bold clothing.

Surveys show that casual conversations with people wearing bright colors tend to be more upbeat and pleasant than those wearing darker, somber clothing. It really can make a difference.

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