The Trick To Using Affirmations For Self Help

An affirmation is a statement that is spoken out loud or silently, to accomplish some type of personal change by the person making the affirmation. It can be repeated as often as necessary.  In the case of self help affirmations the person is attempting to make improvements in some aspect of their life such as health, finances, life-style or social activity.

The good thing about affirmations of the self help variety is that they can be very beneficial for the person using them, providing  they understand two factors.

The first factor that should be realized is the success of an affirmation lies in the fact that it influences the person’s subconscious mind helping to bring about the change they are hoping for. One of the functions of the sub conscious is to carry out the wishes of the conscious mind as expressed in the affirmation.

The second and most important factor is that of belief. The belief being referred to is a state of mind that the affirmation being spoken of will absolutely occur.  This is why it is important to choose the affirmation we want to accomplish carefully. Because if we choose an affirmation we cannot believe in, it will not happen.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of The Blues

From time to time we all experience  feeling blue. It could be on a Monday morning, the beginning of a work week but it doesn’t have to be at any particular time or event. It happens to the rich as well as the poor. The blues do not respect gender or education. The one good thing about them is that with properly directed effort  you can get rid of them.

One of the ways to chase the blues away is to use the first three steps of a typical twelve step program such as emotions anonymous.

Step 1… We admit that we are truly powerless over the problem of the blues controlling our attitude and feelings.

Step 2…Since we are powerless over the problem,  we realize  that help would have to come from a power greater than ourselves.

Step 3…Make a decision, for today, to turn our life and will  over to the care of God or higher power as  we understand them.

For those who may have some difficulty with concepts of God, the steps work very well with a non-religious understanding of a higher power. The reason turning ones will and life over to a higher power as  you understand it works is because nature provides a mechanism for a person to maintain their best status possible. Another words, if given the chance our mind functions in a life enhancing manner.

There are other approaches to ridding oneself of the blues. Start the day with a nice strong cup of coffee. Loud rhythmic music on the radio is a nice touch. Dress in bright colors. Get some exercise, even a brisk walk will do. Find someone to talk to. Go online and find a free counseling service to talk to about your blues. When everything else fails do something nice for somebody, you will feel better.

The Trick To Testing Personality With Playing Cards

This personality test is done with an ordinary deck of playing cards.

It is interesting to learn about the personality traits of the people we know. One of the ways to do this is by asking questions such as, “Are you ambitious or do you like to be around people?” The answers given may not be accurate because the person you ask may want to be thought of in a certain way, that is not their real personality. This is why  non verbal tests are used.

Here is how the test is done. From an ordinary deck of cards select twelve cads. These will be put into 3 face up groups of 4 cards each, so the person taking the test can see all the cards at the same time . The first group will have Jack, Queen and 2 Kings. The second group will have 8,9 9, 10 and the third group will have 2,3,3,4. Try to get an equal number of red and black cards in each group. You then ask the subject to point to the group they feel most like themselves.

If the subject picks the group with the Jack, Queen and Kings it indicates they have a desire for wealthy, fancy, upper class living and activities. From this test alone you cannot determine whether or not they have the ambition to get what they desire.

If the subject selects the group the has the 8,9,9,10 it demonstrates they do not dream of great wealth as the first group mentioned but with to be comfortable moneywise and would not be satisfied if they were poor.

If the subject picks the the playing card group 2,3,3,4 it indicates a preference for low numbers which also tends to mean things and possessions of low value. Possibly because they are less troublesome than things of high value. This person has no lofty desires and is satisfied with less.



The Trick To looking Younger Is Bright Colors

The trick to looking younger as we get older is to reevaluate the colors we wear. Wearing boring conservative colors such as white or almost any dark solid color, (black for example) forces the person looking at us to concentrate on our gray hair and facial lines instead of our total image. This is because there is nothing else to hold their attention, such as bright interesting colors.

Keep in mind that somber, conservative dark colored clothes have been traditionally worn by senior citizens. So when they see dark clothes people automatically think “old person”.

This in itself is an excellent reason for changing to bright vivid colors. Youth carries with it the image of bright happy colors. Why not join them and take the accent off being a senior. Step out of your wardrobe comfort zone and try brighter more bold clothing.

Surveys show that casual conversations with people wearing bright colors tend to be more upbeat and pleasant than those wearing darker, somber clothing. It really can make a difference.