The Trick To Lowering Attorney Fees

Lets assume that you have been involved in an accident that was not you fault and your Attorney has negotiated a settlement. But by the time you pay the Doctor he sent you to and then pay the Attorney his one third there is not very much left over for you.  To make matters even worse, you probably signed a retainer agreement with the attorney agreeing to the one third or forty percent if he has to go to court.

You might consider having the Attorney ask the Doctor to lower his bill, in order to get you more money out of the settlement. But if the two of them are good friends not much is going to happen.

Here is what you could do. Tell the Attorney you are not happy with the settlement. He can’t accept it without your approval. Then let him know that if he can’t do better with a settlement you want to go to court. This is probably something your Attorney doesn’t want to do because he managed this settlement with a few simple phone calls, and now he may have to spend days in Court for just a few dollars more. Also, his friend the Doctor will have to spend some time coming to Court and testifying.

The Attorney is legally required to go forward with your case to Court, which of course he doesn’t want to do. So as he puts pressure on you to settle, simply suggest he cut his one third to twenty five percent and the Doctor cut his bill also. If your Attorney refuses, always keep in mind that when you reach those Court House steps the insurance company might very well increase their offer of settlement.

The Trick To Become A Psychologist The Easy Way

Each State in the United States has their own unique laws governing the requirements for becoming a licensed psychologist. For the most part they are usually somewhat similar, with California being the most strict.

Typically the states require graduation from a school approved by the American Psychology Association. This can take anywhere from 4 to 7 years, depending upon the student requiring a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree . After graduation a 1 to 2 year professionally supervised work training  program is required. This is followed by national and local examinations.

Pastoral counseling is a successful alternative to the state controlled field of psychological counseling. It is considered by some to be a mixture of a sense of spirituality with the science of psychology.  It is because the First Amendment to the constitution states in part, that congress shall make no law respecting the free exercise of religion, that pastoral counseling exists today.

There are affordable 2 and 3 year online universities that offer a program in pastoral counseling.

The Trick To Saving Money On Auto Insurance

You can save up to 30% of what you’re currently paying for auto insurance by following certain rules. The average auto policy in the United States runs  just over $800 per year, So considerable savings are possible  and if your policy is more costly the discounts are proportionately higher.

The first rule is never renew your existing policy without checking the cost of other policies found in the market place . There are websites that will give you a quote or insurance brokers who will do likewise. Keep in mind that what you are looking for are brokers or websites that handle many different insurance companies. Each policy holder has their own unique driving situation and each insurance company has their own preferences. The idea is to put the two parties together with as inexpensive of a policy as possible.

The second rule concerns discounts. Many insurance companies will give the policy holder a discount for certain things that they have or have done. The insurance company must be told about these matters, but in most cases it is necessary to actually have to ask for the discount. Discounts range from 5% to 20% of the premium. Although the discounts  are  additive  the companies usually put a cap on the total that can be used. You may find that some have already been figured in, but it is worth checking.

Discounts: Anti-theft Device on Auto, Marriage Discount,  Advance Degree Discount, Children have good grades 3.0 or better Discount,  Low Mileage Discount(driving limited to 5000 to 8000 miles per year),  Clubs such as AARP, AAA, GEICO, Unions,  etc.  Discount.,  Driving Classes Discount, Paying premium upfront Discount, Paying premium by automatic check Discount, Homeowner Discount, Bundling auto policy with other policies Discou.t

The Trick To Getting Big Money In An Accident

When  you have been injured in  an accident  you are entitled to money damages. These include expenses such as medical bills , future bills, loss of wages, as well as compensation for pain and suffering. Most of these type cases settle without going to court. But, even if you do go to court the trick is still the same. The trick to getting the highest dollar amount is to know how  to pick  an   accident attorney.

By  picking  an attorney I am referring to his personality traits, not the size of his firm, or which Law School he graduated. All to often, it is the pleasant, easy going,  “nice guy” who attracts the clients. You tend to select him because he is friendly and it is nice sitting there  in his office. But what you really want is a tough minded, mean, stubborn, miserable s.o.b. fighting on your side to get the maximum settlement.

Unless the insurance company believes your attorney is going to take them to court and wipe up the floor with them, they will not offer a decent settlement. This is why you do not need some nice pleasant Attorney who gets along with everybody including the insurance company. They know that in all probability he will not take them to count or will settle on the courthouse steps.

Unfortunately for his clients Mr. Nice Guy Attorney is often willing to accept a lesser settlement rather than fight and argue . This way he still keeps his title as Nice Guy. Let a tough, stubborn Lawyer handle your case, you will be better off.



The Trick To Making Valid Charitable Deductions

The trick to getting full credit for you charitable deduction is to get the charity’s acknowledgment for your gift at the same time they receive it. The acknowledgment must be given in a timely manner for the gift to be deductible. So say I.R.S. and the Tax Court.

Keep in mind this requirement has nothing to do with how honest and legitimate the charitable gift is. It really seems like an unfair regulation. On the other hand nobody ever said that taxes were fair.

The basis for the rule is an effort to prevent tax payer fraud. It’s too easy to claim a charitable deduction when none has been made, and then seek out some charity to give an acknowledgement receipt. It becomes more difficult when the “charity” has to prove the date the donation was made as the receipts are numbered in sequence. It tends to keep the tax payers honest.