The Trick To Sleeping Away Wrinkles

There are many ways of avoiding or eliminating wrinkles. They range from surgery to spending a fortune in cosmetic creams. One of the most important contributing  factors is often overlooked. It is how you sleep The position of your face on the pillow thru the many hours of sleep can worsen or even create lines and wrinkles.

If you sleep face down on the pillow there is a tendency to create vertical lines or furrows in the forehead, which sometimes gives the person a stern angry look.

Sleeping with the side of the face on the pillow will deepen the lines and fold extending from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. This sleeping position also contributes to crows feet extending outward from the corner of the eye.

The ideal sleeping position from a wrinkle prevention standpoint is on your back. In this position no part of the face is in contact with the pillow. If sleeping on your back is to uncomfortable, consider using a silk pillow case. This produces less pulling and friction against the skin of the face, the cause of sleep based wrinkles.


The Trick To Knowing How Many Calories To Eat

Most people would say that to lose weight you have to eat less food. That is not correct. Actually, you have to eat less calories because when you take in more calories than you need the body stores them as fat. And when you eat less calories than you need, the body breaks down existing fat to get energy to function, causing a weight loss.

Based on this concept it would be a good idea when you are dieting to eat a lot of low calorie food such as greens and grains so you do not feel hungry and leave the high calorie foods such as cake and ice cream alone because they are usually found in such small portions they do not do very much to appease your hunger. If you eat large enough quantities of them to control hunger you will be taking in vast amounts of calories, which will probably get stored as fat.

Now let’s find out how many calories you need to stay exactly as you are and how many calories a day you should eat to lose weight.

Here is the formula the Doctors tell us to use. Take your weight in pounds and multiply it by 10. That is the number of calories the average man needs to eat each day to maintain his same body weight.

example: Man weighs 190 lbs. X 10 = 1900 calories per day

If this 190 lb. wants to go on a diet to lose weight here is how things will work. First he would learn that to lose just one pound it is necessary to be minus 3500 calories. So if he ate 1400 calories a day he would be minus 500 calories each day.  1900 (the amount he needs based on weight) 1900 – 1400 = 500. In seven days or one week he would lose 1 lb. (7 X 500= 3500 or 1 lb.)





The Trick To Falling Asleep The Quick Easy Way

Psychologists tell us that the mind and body work together. So if the mind is tense and worried, the body is tense as well. These of course are major contributing factors in making sleep difficult. Since they work together,r by calming the body down we also calm the mind, which helps induce sleep.

By taking just a few minutes to perform  the mental exercise in the next paragraphs, you will be rewarded with a new found ability to sleep, almost at will. The exercise should be done when you are in bed ready to sleep. You need not memorize it, but try to use it as a model for the instructions you give yourself.

Close your eyes and imagine the eyelids are very heavy and don’t want to open. Think about how comfortable they feel closed.  The heaviness from your eyelids is spreading to the rest of your face. Your mouth is relaxed and slightly open. Your jaw feels relaxed and your scalp is also comfortable and relaxed.

And now let your neck and shoulder feel heavy and relaxed. Let the relaxation and heaviness spread into your upper arms and down into your forearms. From your forearms into your hands and fingers. Let your chest and back feel heavy and relaxed. With each breath that you exhale let your upper body from the top of your head to your waist relax.

The relaxation from your upper body is drifting down into your hips and thighs. Think of it now drifting down into your calves  and ankles and into your feet.

The essence of what you have just read is to give you and idea of how to talk your body into a state of relaxation that will promote sleep. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to start with the eyelids and work your way through the face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest and back and then to the hips, thighs, calves and feet. Another words, just follow the anatomy.




The Trick To Using Affirmations For Self Help

An affirmation is a statement that is spoken out loud or silently, to accomplish some type of personal change by the person making the affirmation. It can be repeated as often as necessary.  In the case of self help affirmations the person is attempting to make improvements in some aspect of their life such as health, finances, life-style or social activity.

The good thing about affirmations of the self help variety is that they can be very beneficial for the person using them, providing  they understand two factors.

The first factor that should be realized is the success of an affirmation lies in the fact that it influences the person’s subconscious mind helping to bring about the change they are hoping for. One of the functions of the sub conscious is to carry out the wishes of the conscious mind as expressed in the affirmation.

The second and most important factor is that of belief. The belief being referred to is a state of mind that the affirmation being spoken of will absolutely occur.  This is why it is important to choose the affirmation we want to accomplish carefully. Because if we choose an affirmation we cannot believe in, it will not happen.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of The Blues

From time to time we all experience  feeling blue. It could be on a Monday morning, the beginning of a work week but it doesn’t have to be at any particular time or event. It happens to the rich as well as the poor. The blues do not respect gender or education. The one good thing about them is that with properly directed effort  you can get rid of them.

One of the ways to chase the blues away is to use the first three steps of a typical twelve step program such as emotions anonymous.

Step 1… We admit that we are truly powerless over the problem of the blues controlling our attitude and feelings.

Step 2…Since we are powerless over the problem,  we realize  that help would have to come from a power greater than ourselves.

Step 3…Make a decision, for today, to turn our life and will  over to the care of God or higher power as  we understand them.

For those who may have some difficulty with concepts of God, the steps work very well with a non-religious understanding of a higher power. The reason turning ones will and life over to a higher power as  you understand it works is because nature provides a mechanism for a person to maintain their best status possible. Another words, if given the chance our mind functions in a life enhancing manner.

There are other approaches to ridding oneself of the blues. Start the day with a nice strong cup of coffee. Loud rhythmic music on the radio is a nice touch. Dress in bright colors. Get some exercise, even a brisk walk will do. Find someone to talk to. Go online and find a free counseling service to talk to about your blues. When everything else fails do something nice for somebody, you will feel better.